About St Philip’s

stphiliSt Philip the Deacon is situated on Beechcroft Road and serves the parish of Upper Stratton.

The tradition of St Philips is central and choral – the choir is affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music, and works hard to maintain a decent standard. We believe that good, dignified worship is honouring to God, and seek to reflect God’s love in all that we do.  Whilst we may seem traditional in our worship, we seek to invite and include all who come in the name of Christ, regardless of status or differences that would seem to divide us.

In 1879 John Arkell (of the family owning Arkell’s brewery) provided a barrel store to be the first church building called St Philip’s in Upper Stratton. A local architect,William Masters of Stanton Fitzwarren, was responsible for the design of the present building in Beechcroft Road and the foundation stone was laid by Edith Arkell in 1904. The church was named after Philip Arkell, a favourite grandson of the Arkell family. As the Bishop of the day had not been consulted, he decided that the church would be named after a lesser saint. As a result St Philip the Deacon is one of only a few churches in the country to bear the name.