There is a place for you here.
Whatever your story, wherever your life’s journey has taken you.
You are beautiful. You are beloved. You are precious.
Just as you are, you are welcome.


Statement by the Archbishop of Canterbury on the Death of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

09/04/2021HRH The Duke of Edinburgh Press Association

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said today: 

“I join with the rest of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth in mourning the loss of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, and give thanks to God for his extraordinary life of dedicated service. Prince Philip continually demonstrated his unfailing support and unstinting loyalty to Her Majesty The Queen for 73 years.

“He consistently put the interests of others ahead of his own and, in so doing, provided an outstanding example of Christian service. During his naval career, in which he served with distinction in the Second World War, he won the respect of his peers as an outstanding officer.

“On the occasions when I met him, I was always struck by his obvious joy at life, his enquiring mind and his ability to communicate to people from every background and walk of life. He was a master at putting people at their ease and making them feel special.

“The legacy he leaves is enormous. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, which he founded in 1956, has inspired generations of young people to help others and instilled in them a vision for citizenship and a desire to serve their communities. His work with countless charities and organisations reflected his wide- ranging, global interests in topics including wildlife, sport, design, engineering and inter-faith dialogue.

“In his powerful advocacy for conservation his was a prophetic voice for over half a century, as he brought people from around the world to a new concern and commitment to action for the future of our planet.

“As we recover and rebuild after the terrible trial of the coronavirus pandemic, we will need fortitude and a deep sense of commitment to serving others. Throughout his life Prince Philip displayed those qualities in abundance, and I pray that we can take inspiration from his example.

“I also join many people in giving thanks for the marriage of Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip, and for their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Theirs was a marriage grounded in friendship and mutual respect and sustained by shared faith in Christ.

“I pray that God will comfort Her Majesty and the rest of the Royal Family at this time. May His Royal Highness rest in peace and rise in glory.”


We are two parish churches in the North East of Swindon.  Each church has its own distinct identity, community and culture but both share a love of God, a pride in their community, and a Parish Priest. We worship, study and socialise together at various points throughout the year, rejoicing in both our unity and our diversity.

At both churches you will find a warm welcome and space to be yourself in the presence and grace of Christ.  St Peter’s is a member of Inclusive Church, and subscribes to the Inclusive Church statement of faith. (See here for further information) Both St Peter’s and St Philip’s strive to be places of inclusion, of welcome, of grace, sharing Christ’s hospitality and love with ALL regardless of gender, sexuality, race, colour or story.

Throughout the national lockdown, worship has taken placed in peoples homes. Service materials and videos can be found here.

Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults

Our churches take their duty and obligation to protect all extremely seriously. We have adopted the national Church of England’s robust procedures and guidelines. You can find out more about the national policies and procedures at www.churchofengland.org

We are committed to:

  • Promoting a safer environment and culture.
  • Safely recruiting and supporting all those with any responsibility related to children, young people and vulnerable adults within the church.
  • Responding promptly to every safeguarding concern or allegation.
  • Providing appropriate care for victims/survivors of abuse and other affected persons.
  • Providing appropriate care for those who are the subject of concerns or allegations of abuse and other affected persons.
  • Responding to those that may pose a present risk to others.

    Further information is available here